Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Idea for the group By Aidan Codd

Idea for the  group

EXT: misty air around a water factory on top of a hill above a swamp.
ESTA : the camera cycles round the factory and follows the pipe that is connected to it that leads down into the swamp.
As the camera does that the narrating voice goes ‘If we do not do something fast man as the dominant species on earth will be extinct within the year!
You then go back to the camera going back through the swamp with news paper clips flying in front of the screen with old swamp related play on words  like ‘ creature  seen that makes an alligator look like a kitten’
Then the camera goes out of the swamp and into a silhouette of the creature.
Then you jump into fast screen shots of the chaos that is getting caused  by the creature.
At the end have a voice over saying ‘People we have hit a state of emergency’.  

This is a story board as well as a influence map

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