Friday, 23 September 2011

Some concepts for possible ideas

I just started making some concepts. Firstly I wanted to show a bit more detailed view of abandoned factory kind of flooded in the swamp. This could be used for a sliding shot in the begging of the trailer just to define the environment.

Then as we had some discussions of what kind of mutated creatures we could have in the swamp killing people around I really liked tadpole and frog idea. Mother frog could be like a boss and tadpoles with younger frogs something like minions. With this next concept I wanted to show the evolution of this creature.

In this third concept sketch I was thinking that since it is a b-movie there should be a cliche hero with a gun massively fighting against evil. I can easily imagine angry redneck in Alabama doing this. This sketch also helps to define the size of the creatures compared to people.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Dom - your 'redneck' image made me smile. I just wonder if 'Frogs' can ever really be thought of as menacing? Of course, this could be part of the jokiness, but maybe you should just do some research into the actual creatures that live in actual swamps, and see if there's something in those dark, smelly waters that is more unpleasant to begin with...

    Maybe - what with your character project's emphasis on groups of characters, maybe your 'invaders' are multi-species? You know, mutated pissed off crocodile, mutated pissed-off spider...