Sunday, 2 October 2011

A bit more elaborated sketches and ideas

After the last conversation with Alan we know now that we need to create a cast of the movie with all characters and creatures that we might not even show in the trailer. We also had this idea to stylize everything a bit, so here are some of the results. First of all I really want to push forward this teenage redneck hero character, but as we can see i have to make more research for shotguns, because it looks a bit weird and he holds it more like a guitar then a gun.

Redneck Teenager

We also should make more concepts of possible creatures, but at least at the moment I have just two working ideas - mutated flaming lizard and crazy poisonous tadpole.

Flaming lizard

Poisonous Tadpole

Eventually we will have clearly define the whole environment, because the story that we are creating is very concentrated into one spot - a village in Louisiana next to polluted swamp. gathering pictures will help us to make it as much believable as possible.

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