Friday, 30 December 2011

Uv Mapping of the House

Since Dom could not Uv map the house himself (no Maya to work on) I had to do it for him. I haven't uv mapped every single piece of wood but the ones that are one big solid piece and can be repeated on the scene. Hope this mapping can help Dom understand what to do with his texturing.

More Tree Texture Tests

Some more tree textures me and Dom tried out. Dom mentioned he's going to try out more tree designs so it can appear more random and based on more autumn colours.

Textures test by Aidan Codd

This is a textures test that Domantas has sent me of the leaves that I have put in the scene.

3rd Meeting Reminder

Next meeting is on Monday 2/1/2012 at 1 (3 for Dom). See you there and HAPPY NEW YEAR :D

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Next Meeting Reminder

Next Skype Meeting is on Friday 30/12/2011 at 3 pm (5pm for Dom). Let everyone know about any changes 

Tree Texture Tests

 After the group call all 3 of us had on skype, Dom gave me his tree texture to test on maya. With his guidelines and me sharing my screen to his own we got to work together and it wasn't as hard as we expected it to be.
So this is how we visualise our trees to look from above, in the sky view. Dom is about to test his matte paintings on the sphere I sent him so I am really looking forward to that :)

@Domantas by Aidan Codd

Domantas I have Email you the Tiff files that was asked , can you let me no if the files are working ok.

Monday, 26 December 2011

Textures test by Aidan Codd.

This is some textures tests and the cabinet and torch.


@Dom and Aidan: What needs to be given to Dom to do at the moment (when he cannot work on Maya)

So after the Skype conversation all 3 of us had it is obvious that Dom can't work with maya at the moment but he can use photoshop which means we can send him the UV tiff files of the models and me and Aidan can add them on.


Send Dom the textures of:



Send Dom the textures of:

The Characters

A sphere: For the Matte Paintings


Texture whatever has been sent to you.

All the rest of the textures can be done on a normal photoshop file and we can stick them on the models:

Trees (Aidan mentioned the tree barks look better when NOT uv mapped)
House (sent us different wood files to play around with)
Matte Paintings (when the sphere is sent)

DOM: Make sure you follow the colour palette of the 1970's even though most of the scenery is nature. And don't forget that the colour changes when the mood changes (but it should be easier to do in after effects). And use 70's patterns on the clothing!!

NEXT GROUP CALL: Wednesday 28/12/2011  at  3 pm (5pm for Dom)

Friday, 23 December 2011

Skype Group Call Before Xmas Day?

So guys we all know that in the animation industry people get to work together even when they are in different countries. We are an example of this so we will make our best to keep in touch even like this. We can have a conference call on Skype at some point before Xmas. I will personally be free. Is everyone else ok with it??

@Dom: Inform us what times suit you best and if there is any time difference from Lithuania.

@Aidan: You mentioned me that you were busy with work during this week so let us know if you can have this call with us.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Thursday, 15 December 2011

@ group 15-12-11 By Aidan Codd

Following today’s meeting how we are going to progress with are project is.

1)      Domantas you are going to try to post the textures ASAP, in case of any problems with you posting this I will make a back up set of textures  and work on them.

2)      Andriana  we will need to meet up tomorrow (Friday 16 Dec 2011 – 10 am big CG Base Room) to discuss and agree which scenes each of us are to animate.
Also we need to agree an approximate date when the rigging will be completed and posted of your two characters.

3)      Things we need to agree on and plan:
·         Any sound effects
·         Voice over
·         Tittles
·         Power point presentation.  

If either of you can think of anything I have missed from this list we can discuss this Friday and add to our to do list.


Last Mother Tweak

Now I have clear tasks to do, but before that, when I received Andriana's mother character I just could'n stop myself from tweaking it. UV maps weren't damaged, so there was no problem about that. The thing is that if we don't want our characters to look like plastic dolls, so we should also avoid models without anatomical basics.  I tried to explain clearly to Andriana how I would like the character to be changed, because I always had problems with it's jaw, hair, eyes and little not that important details just to match the drawing at least a little bit more. Even the body size was divided by head size only 6 times, now it is divided by 7.5 (proper adult persosn's size proportion). I don't want our characters or environments to be realistic, but at least more believable and any kind of texturing without proper models couldn't really help to do that. I'm not saying that models are bad, but they are a bit too simplistic. In the same way we also should avoid having unnecessary faces that we can't even see to reduce the polygon number and start grouping/layering details properly in the scene, because at the moment everything is a bit chaotic, even naming things could help a lot, so we wouldn't have 11 unnamed Lambert shaders that we are unsure if any of those are actually doing something.

Tweaked version on the right:

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The Red test By Aidan Codd

This is a test that will help work out what needs to be in shot and what can be an image, every thing red will be an image. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

12/12/2011 meeting by Aidan Codd

The meeting yesterday, discussed what we have to do next, as well as that it gave us direction on what we need in each seen from the drawings bellow that we all agreed on, is what we are following as a story board.


Monday, 12 December 2011

Set texturing and lighting first test

This is the first test for the beginning. Terrace will be textured properly soon, I just need to finish the UV mapping. You can see the sky mat painting in the background, but I  will add two more mat painting layers of environment. Lighting at the moment might be too sharp.

Later I also played around with sort of polluted water texturing.

Mother Modelling Progress (Head)

Needs to go through more changes....

Work list!

Ok guys since we had a good discussion today on what exactly needs to be done by everyone it should be clearer for us to get on with our work. So here is what each one of us needs to do:


Tweak the house
Matte Paintings
Work out the colour palletes on the mood changes of the Trailer
Go through Alan's tutorial for character texturing.
Make the layered sky view scene (Tree Planes, ground, etc)
Have a look on water textures

Model the bushes
Fix the pier
Model Bank scene
Model wooden toy boat
Model Woods scene


Finsh modelling characters
UV them  (to give to Dom)
Rig them
Skin Them


See you there !

Mother Modelling Progress (Body)

Hey guys I left the head on the side for a bit and I decided to work on the body for a while. We'll talk about her tomorrow on our meeting :)

Sunday, 11 December 2011

@group by Aidan Codd

This Monday (12-12-11) we need to meet up at 9 am for a group meeting and discus what we have to do to make the most out of this week at uni. If there is a reason why you cannot attend you must tell one of us either by phone or leave a comment in this post, preferably before the meeting starts.
Thanks Aidan Codd  

Play blast test by Aidan Codd

This is a play blast test of what needs to be in the shot, and what scale everything has to be with each other. Andriana (House). Domantas (Car) .the rest by me. ( this is the second part of the trailer with build up to part three)

Test screen shots of the environment by Aidan Codd.

Test on building up the environment and what it is starting to look like. ( still work in progress) PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket Photobucket