Wednesday, 21 September 2011

First Ideas and Influence Maps

Hello, Welcome to our Blog!
We are called The Black Lagoon Team (deriving from the Film The Creature from The Black Lagoon-1954 ) and we will be working on a project with the title The Killers from The Swamp. We are expected to produce a 1:30 min 3D Trailer based on our given title which has to be inspired by 1930's to 1960's film trailers.
So after of couple of days of brainstorming we came up with a lot of ideas that surrounded swamps, misty forests, abandoned nuclear factories, mutated people (monsters) and more. We have loads of story ideas to put up (which will be uploaded really soon) but for know we have a number of influences to show which will pretty much sum up in which direction we are heading to.

Influence Map 1: Films and Games 
So we obviously first looked into films that had to do with Characters being born from swamps. Then, in search of a mood we looked into films and games that had this sort of foggy, moist feature into them.

1. The Swamp Thing (1989)
2. Vanishing Hitchhiker (Videogame)
3.The Swamp Devil (2008)
4. Bioshock (Videogame)
5. The Blair Witch Project (1999)
6. Anakonda (1997)
7. The Creature From The Black Lagoon (1954)

Influence Map 2: Location (Swamps in Forests and Abandoned Factories)
Location-wise we've been looking into misty forests, specifically into the American coutryside and creepy nuclear factories.

Stills From The game The Vanishing Hitchiker:

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  1. Hi Guys

    Firstly well done for setting up your blog. Here a few pointers to start with.

    1) Your 'name' should be a 'company/studio' name not a 'team' name. Think 'Blizzard Entertainment' or 'Bad Robot' rather than pub quiz.

    2) The 'killers' doesn't necessarily have to mean monsters. It says 'Killers' so it could be 'Florida Hillbillies' for example.