Wednesday, 21 September 2011

First Quick Story Ideas and Final Idea

After 3 days of struggling we finally made our decision and have a good base for our trailer/story.
We are going to stick to our 3rd idea an move on from there...

1) Abandoned Factory

In a misty pine tree forest of the American countryside there is an abandoned factory which lies near a contaminated swamp. Two forest wardens, doing their usual shift, confront themselves with the factory where they get attacked by mutated workers.

2) Underwater Civilization

Two scientists explore the tropical jungle of the Amazon. They discover Ancient civilization ruins in a swamp which leads them to an underwater civilization, in a cave. They uncover a legend which talks about a curse that made this civilization vanish and were attacked by unknown creatures that wanted to defend their territory.

3) Final Idea

Our Third story idea derived from the talk we had with Phil today, after he showed us some cheesy trailers from the 1970’s films. They were all based on the theme man vs nature and how messing up with nature’s balance can have terrible consequences. So eventually we decided that our story will be based on a factory (like our first idea) which pollutes the nearby swamp. All the living beings in the swamp eventually become mutated and bigger in size. They attack the nearest villages and spread panick to the people.

Lets see what's to do next then .. :)

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  1. Hello you lot! Yes, what a lot of crap I shared with you today - but, just for the record, here's the links, plus even more crap for you to groan at!



    Long Weekend


    Alien 3

    Attack of the Giant Leeches

    Kingdom of the Spiders

    Empire of the Ants


    Humanoids from the Deep


    (very good for a southern gothic atmosphere!)

    Maybe that's enough!

    Oh - one more...

    The Descent