Friday, 2 December 2011

Tracy's render tests 2

I went through few short mental ray skin texturing tutorials and found some interesting things to play around with. Now Tracy might look a bit more realistic, but as soon as I'll have proper UV maps, I'll be able to add some more interesting skin and hair features.

Firstly I tried to use misss_fast_skin shader. Image and bump files are empty at the moment, so It would be good to know what else could help to make more interesting textures.

Simple mental ray render.

First ambient occlusion render had too obvious polygon edges, so I had to do something about it. The easiest way is just to smoother everything, but it increases rendering time rapidly. 

Second ambient occlusion render looks way much better. If smoothing is the only way  to do it we might just use this only for the close shots.

Edited image still looks a bit generic, but hopefully textures and other detail will bring it to life.

UV Map

Painted texture

Painted Face. I still would like to add something to make it more interesting., Maybe interesting bump map texture could help.

I was thinking to add more color, but it worked weirdly.

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