Monday, 26 December 2011

@Dom and Aidan: What needs to be given to Dom to do at the moment (when he cannot work on Maya)

So after the Skype conversation all 3 of us had it is obvious that Dom can't work with maya at the moment but he can use photoshop which means we can send him the UV tiff files of the models and me and Aidan can add them on.


Send Dom the textures of:



Send Dom the textures of:

The Characters

A sphere: For the Matte Paintings


Texture whatever has been sent to you.

All the rest of the textures can be done on a normal photoshop file and we can stick them on the models:

Trees (Aidan mentioned the tree barks look better when NOT uv mapped)
House (sent us different wood files to play around with)
Matte Paintings (when the sphere is sent)

DOM: Make sure you follow the colour palette of the 1970's even though most of the scenery is nature. And don't forget that the colour changes when the mood changes (but it should be easier to do in after effects). And use 70's patterns on the clothing!!

NEXT GROUP CALL: Wednesday 28/12/2011  at  3 pm (5pm for Dom)

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