Thursday, 15 December 2011

@ group 15-12-11 By Aidan Codd

Following today’s meeting how we are going to progress with are project is.

1)      Domantas you are going to try to post the textures ASAP, in case of any problems with you posting this I will make a back up set of textures  and work on them.

2)      Andriana  we will need to meet up tomorrow (Friday 16 Dec 2011 – 10 am big CG Base Room) to discuss and agree which scenes each of us are to animate.
Also we need to agree an approximate date when the rigging will be completed and posted of your two characters.

3)      Things we need to agree on and plan:
·         Any sound effects
·         Voice over
·         Tittles
·         Power point presentation.  

If either of you can think of anything I have missed from this list we can discuss this Friday and add to our to do list.



  1. As soon as we will have voice overs and previz, we can get professional sound effects from this guy, that I've told you long time ago. If we will not use the stuff that he can offer us it would be another big fail.

  2. By the way, Aidan, just focus on finishing your environments, because I still cant see finished scenes that i could properely work on.