Thursday, 15 December 2011

Last Mother Tweak

Now I have clear tasks to do, but before that, when I received Andriana's mother character I just could'n stop myself from tweaking it. UV maps weren't damaged, so there was no problem about that. The thing is that if we don't want our characters to look like plastic dolls, so we should also avoid models without anatomical basics.  I tried to explain clearly to Andriana how I would like the character to be changed, because I always had problems with it's jaw, hair, eyes and little not that important details just to match the drawing at least a little bit more. Even the body size was divided by head size only 6 times, now it is divided by 7.5 (proper adult persosn's size proportion). I don't want our characters or environments to be realistic, but at least more believable and any kind of texturing without proper models couldn't really help to do that. I'm not saying that models are bad, but they are a bit too simplistic. In the same way we also should avoid having unnecessary faces that we can't even see to reduce the polygon number and start grouping/layering details properly in the scene, because at the moment everything is a bit chaotic, even naming things could help a lot, so we wouldn't have 11 unnamed Lambert shaders that we are unsure if any of those are actually doing something.

Tweaked version on the right:

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