Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Inspiring Artists, Photographers and Animations

As a team we are still not sure about our art style, but we have a few point to start with: famous painters, photographers and an inspiring animation which provoke an eerie feeling to the viewer. We are aiming for a mood and art style that can entice the viewer and simultaneously sympathise with the characterss' situations.
I've been looking up some interesting artists that I believe are really interesting. Others use interesting colour pallets and style, others tend to twist the world around us and makes us feel uncomfortabe.

Francis Bacon

Minjae Lee

Gregory Crewdson

Anna Gaskell

And this is an Animation I found really interesting in terms of it's art direction and mood. I love its colour pallets and the sketchy outlines used on the characters. I think it should be very good to try out how 2D sketches look on a 3D character as this animation seems to work really well.

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