Monday, 7 November 2011

Film Screenshots: The Stepford Wives, The Lovely Bones and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

By following Phil's advice I looked into films which have the 1970's theme embedded deep into them.

Firstly, I looked into The Stepford Wives (1975) and especially into the main character who fits perfectly our single mother character. I like how she looks really dynamic, a woman that does not over care about looking perfect but is outgoing and is herself.  Also, the fashion and the patterns in the film work really well for our trailer

I also looked into The Lovely Bones (2009), which takes place in America around 1973. It is really amazing how they managed to create a modern film that looks as if it emerged from the 1970's. I found some interesting colour palettes and props.


Finally there is The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1976), a grotesque horror film which does not hesitate to show everything that happens to the victims in the most raw way. Alan suggested that the 70's was all about the 'raw' reality-nothing was perfectly polished like nowadays but dusted and dirty (hence the brown, murky colours).

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  1. Well done team, its really helpful to have a cast list. Good choices also.