Sunday, 6 November 2011

Improved characters and Car design

Car will be pretty generic. It is a mix of few different old "Lada" models. Sweet car for a sweet family. I just have to add that none of the most popular american models would fit in this context, so I chose more european type coupe.

The only things that I was asked to change was hand, feet and stomach position. I changed everything very slightly, because If I change it too much it just ruins the cuteness of this character.

Young lonely mother is becoming bit more interesting. Since girl was dressed a bit more autumn-like weather I added a jacket and a scarf for the mother. She is not supposed to be too young and wild, because she has to be a proper caring mother, so I just couldn't make her any more hippie'ish. Now she is more like a countryside american writer type woman, what seems kind of OK for her role.

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