Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Character sheets

And so little girl's "Tracy's" character is getting better and better. With interesting use of texture it should get a bit more original taste. Last added detail is just a mother made scarf which manages to make her even cuter then she was before. The only thing that might give questions in this pose are legs from the side view - it looks like that, because I haven't shown arms not to hide side of the torso and those arms are looking back a bit, so our legs are supposed to do it naturally - it is the same as iconic titanic pose.

Things with the mother are a bit harder. I did not wanted to repeat clothing detail from the daughter, so I haven't used anything on head. At the moment it looks very generic. We wanted casual late 70's-80's look, but obviously it is not there yet and even though texturing will change a lot it still does look like not from the same world as the girl.

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