Monday, 10 October 2011

Animatic Monday: All 3 PreViz's

Hey there guys! So this our 3 preViz Versions of The Killers From The Swamp. It is interesting how each one of us did a completely different job. Could you tell us what you think about them? Please leave a comment. Enjoy! :)

Andriana Laskari

Aidan Codd

Domantas LukoŇ°ius

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  1. Hey Dom, Andi & Aidan,

    I'm going to 'pick and mix', but I'm going to begin with what I don't think works effectively, and it's a problem all 3 animatics share. I just don't think the long tracking shot is working, and where that long tracking shot is interrupted in both Andi/Aidan's, the impact of those interruptions is hard to actually experience. Yes, in atmosphere terms, Dom's is hands-down the most engaging, but that long shot + music etc. accomplishes no tension or suspense or expectation. I DO like the drawling 'Down in the swamp, you don't know what you're going to see' voice-track that starts Aidan's, because it creates menace and expectation, but I just don't think the pov thing - as sustained as you've all got it here - is going to hit the spot. JJ's right - they all feel a little bit like game-trailers and all three animatics feel very long right now. In Andi/Aidan's versions, there's a lot of monster from the get go, and while you're making the sort of film that wants its creature dollars on screen in the trailer, I don't think you can show them in the first shot, because again, you're trying to create tension, and that might be better created through absence. Ultimately, I don't think there's enough content in any of the animatics yet - and the music isn't right - sure, evoke the location, but your trailer should signal its genre much more obviously. That said, the 'mysteriousness' of the movement in Dom's trailer - those fleeting shadows are effective, but the overall effect is one of repetition. I'd consider reposting all animatics with a better sound mix (with any sound, Andi!) - with a radical change in music, with more diegetic sound and with text elements etc. They just don't read as trailers yet!