Sunday, 15 January 2012

Tasks to be completed by the responsible team member and associated deadlines. By Aidan Codd

Tasks to be completed by the responsible team member and associated deadlines.


I have looked at the new amendment to the scene that you have posted.

Although visually this works, this change is too dramatic and with the remaining time left to complete this animation we cannot includes this style.

On Friday we agreed collectively our tasks to complete over this weekend 14/15-1-12, can you confirm that you are still on schedule to complete:

1.       The matt painting that curves the river.

2.       The animation of the woman running in the swamp in the night scene.


 Can you confirm that the expressions for both the characters will be rigged and finished by Monday morning?


The scene I agreed to render and have finished will be completed by Monday, I have also created a poster which I have added to the blog. I have done this as we need to use the remaining time to focus solely on completing the animation and presentation.

I have detailed a schedule of works for this week, we need to meet on Monday 16/01/12 @ 09:00hrs to update each other on the progress and to maximise our remaining time.


Monday 16/01/12.

Render scenes 3,4 and 5 :

(To do this we require. Matt painting, textured characters.- Dom)

Complete all the running scenes: 

(Main character animated running – Dom.  Create the scene – Aid)

Drafting the PowerPoint presentation.

Tuesday 17/01/12.

Complete any remaining work left from Monday.

Render all the remaining scenes.- team

Review the Power Point and Poster.- team

Wednesday 18/01/12

Complete any remaining work left from Tuesday.

Combine the animated scenes - Aid

Put the sound effects to the animation – team.

Finish Power Point – team

Agree our presentation – team.

Thursday 19/01/12

Present our project – team.


  1. Hey Aidan my characters are completed so I will be happy enough to take over the Art Of now. I posted that i will do it yesterday

  2. Hello, I couldn't work on your scene, because it was lagging very badly, so I had to clean it up a lot at least to make it work with textures and be able to animate. It works fine now. I have all the textures done and we can variate the same file for the other scenes. It renders quickly and it doesn't seem that we will have many problems with that.