Monday, 2 January 2012

@Dom and Aidan: The Script and some Voiceover actresses examples

Hey guys I've been busy looking up some voiceover actresses and have got our script down which is really short as you can see. There are a few actresses online that are capable of doing children voices as well so there shouldn't be a problem finding two different ones. Let me know if you are pleased with the Script and please go through the voices so I can send them off the script asap.

Thank you

HERE are the voiceover actresses and links to listen to some of their work:


“The Killers from the Swamp”

1st Scene (Driving to the house)
Tracy: Where are we going, mummy?
Mother: We are going to our holiday house, darling. This weekend it’s just you and me.

2nd Scene (Tracy running to the pier)
Mother: Run off to play for a bit while I am cooking. Be careful..
Tracy: (Giggles in enthusiasm while she runs along the pier)

3RD Scene (Mother calling for Tracy)
Mother: Tracy! Food is ready!
Tracy where are you? TRACY! (Starts to panic)

4th Scene (Mother running into the forest in panic)
Mother: Tracy! Tracy! TRACY
(Pants heavily and cries in between)

5th scene (Mother being surrounded by the “Monsters”)
(Panting Very Heavily and screaming gradually louder. End with a long scream)


Thank you

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  1. All 4 would work for the voices we need so email all of them to see if they can do it.